About Us


You know how you can ask or tell your best friend anything? You know how you expect nothing but the truth from your closest friend and are free with them? That is what Happenings reaches out to be to all.

Happenings is the close friend to every adult who seeks knowledge, entertainment, thrill and aims at being the very best in every area of their lives.

The magazine is rich with information and informed opinion on relationships, romance, family, what to know in fashion and beauty, parenting, the latest in entertainment, health and total well being. At Happenings, we have something for both sexes on how to live and enjoy life.

Happenings offers Africans the platform to learn, share and teach one another with the help of our very creative and innovative writers. Think of us as the go-to place for better living. For advertisers, we offer access to the largest group of adults online and possess the knowledge needed to ensure that the advertiser makes meaningful and engaging connection with this wide range of audience.

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